The song of the Partisans, “La Marseillaise de la Résistance”, was created in 1943 in London.

Immediately, it became the HYMNE OF THE FRENCH, and even in European Resistance.


“This song is forever engraved in history.”

Pierre Seghers “La Résistance et ses poètes”, Ed. Seghers 1975


Read the text of the song reported by the FNDIRP


Friend, do you hear the dark flight of the crowns over our plains ?

Friend, do you hear the dulled cries of our country in chains ?

Hey, Partisans, laborers, farmers take up your arms !

Tonight the enemy shall know the price of blood and tears

Come out of the mines

Come down from the hills, comrades !

Take the guns, munitions and grenades from under the hay !

Hey you, hitmen with bullets and knives . Kill swiftly !

Hey you saboteurs, watch out for your load of dynamite !

We break open the jail bars for our brothers

Here, we march on ; we kill and we die.

Friend, if you fall, a friend from the shadows will take your place.