To contact the Amicale of Neuengamme

For information, L’Amicale de Neuengamme only takes care of the requests concerning the DEPORTEES of the Concentration Camp of Neuengamme and also its Kommandos

It cannot carry out research on all the PoWs. 

For Sandbostel PoWs, contact the Sandbostel Camp Memorial.

How to contact us

Composition of the board

President : Jean-Michel Clère
Honorary Presidente  : Yvonne Cossu
Secretary general : Jean-Michel Gaussot
Assitant Secretaire general : Philippe Cosnay
Treasurer : Yves Le Bris
Assistant Treasurer  : Françoise Marchelidon

Auditors : Jean Curial, Anne-Laure Jacq
Website Administrator : Sylvie Klajman

Co-Presidents of the “Memory History Future” Commission” : Jacqueline Gicquel, Aurélie Boisseau, Philippe Rousseau

Relation with the families and research on the Deportees of Neuengamme and its Kommandos : Monique Foy
Editorial Director of “N’Oublions Jamais” : Jean-Michel Clère
Editor of “N’Oublions Jamais”  : Christine Rault, Françoise Plaza-Carlström (assistant editor)
Responsible for the pilgrimages :  Françoise Marchelidon and  Françoise Plaza-Carlström , Georges Louis (Assistants for the pilgrimages)
Flag bearers 
Jean Curial, Yves Le Bris
Representation at the FMD (Foundation for the Memory of the Deportation) :

  • Representative Council of the Deportation World (CRMD) : Viviane Boussier and Georges Louis (subsitute)
  • Editorial committee of the review “En Jeu” : Jacques Quastana

Delegates to the IYN (AIN) Congress : Jean-Michel Clère and Jean-Michel Gaussot (Vice President of AIN)
Representation at the Inter-Amicale :  
Jean-Michel Clère, Philippe Cosnay, Yvonne Cossu, Jean-François Duchemin, Jean Michel Gaussot, Françoise Marchelidon, Sylvie Voisine
Office of the Amicale :  
Viviane Boussier, Jean Curial, Jean-François Duchemin, Monique Foy, Jacqueline Gicquel, Pascal Hugonnet, Anne-Laure Jacq, Sylvie Klajman

Head office

Amicale de Neuengamme
c/o J. M. Clère
25, rue Marius Lacroix
17000 La Rochelle

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