The Pilgrimages

In the past on  1948 : Frst pilgrimage to Neuengamme and the kommando of Watenstedt

Pilgrimages take place every year, sometimes several times a year in the early days.
The pilgrimages were organized successively by Noël Carlotti, Edgar Boudoux, Raymond Dutheil, Georges Bonnet, Eugène Le Caignec, Robert Pinçon and Franck Holle.

Currently, they are organized by Françoise Marchelidon, assisted by Jacqueline Gicquel and, in Germany, by Dominique Bohère.

Pèlerinage 1956 : les participants au départ de la gare du Nord à Paris.

A droite, l’Abbé Carlotti (Mle 34316, Kommando de Watenstedt)

Deportees, families, teachers, students go to several kommandos and collect themselves at places of disappearance and burial

MAY 2005 – Inauguration of the restructured Neuengamme camp

On 4 May 2005, 380 French citizens, 56 of whom were deported, were present at the Place d’appel. They attend ceremonies organized by the Senate of the Hamburg Free and Hanseatic City. The afternoon is dedicated to the visit of the new exhibitions. At the end of the day, they go to the crematorium’s location to pay tribute to all the missing deportees at the Camp and in the Kommandos or during the evacuations.

On Tuesday, May 3, French and Belgians took part in ceremonies in tribute to the disappeared in the tragedy of Lübeck Bay, two boats went to the very site of the shipwreck to launch flowers at the sea.

Le jeudi 5 mai, six circuits étaient organisés pour se rendre dans différents Kommandos (Wilhelmshaven, Brême, Hannovre, Braunschweig, Husum, Kaltenkirchen) et dans les hauts-lieux de la Déportation (Sandbostel, cimetières de Osterholz et de Jammertal).

Mai 2007 – Camp site moves from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Culture
During the pilgrimage, on Saturday, May 19, 2007, an official ceremony organized by the Amicale Internationale de Neuengamme marks this change of guardianship. On the same day, the opening of a ice pan on the grounds released by the demolition of the last prison took place at the site of exploitation.

A watchtower and wall used as a support for an exhibition were preserved as witnesses to the prison occupation.

Pilgrimage 2010 in Neuengamme. Flags of the French Amicale during the ceremony at the Memorial. © AANG

Mai 2010 – 65ème anniversaire de la libération de camps

From 30 April to 4 May 2010, 75 people, including six deportees, take part in the numerous ceremonies at the sites of the Central Camp and Kommandos of the Bremen regions, Salzgitter-Braunschweig and Hanover, as well as at the evacuation sites: Bergen-Belsen, Sandbostel and Lübeck Bay.

A reception of all the participants is organized at the headquarters of the Parliament of the City of Hamburg and on Tuesday, 4 May, the commemorative ceremonies take place at the site of the Central Camp, in the presence of numerous personalities.

Pèlerinage 2015 à Neuengamme. Le drapeau de l’Amicale française pendant la cérémonie de la baie de Lübeck, le 02 mai. © AANG

Mai 2015 – 70ème anniversaire de la libération de camps

Du 01 mai au 05 mai 2010, 113 personnes, dont sept déportés, participent aux nombreuses cérémonies sur les sites du camp central et des Kommandos des régions de Brême, Salzgitter-Braunschweig et Hanovre, ainsi que sur les lieux d’évacuations : Bergen-Belsen, Sandbostel et la Baie de Lübeck. Le mardi 03 mai, les cérémonies commémoratives se déroulent sur le site du Camp central, en présence  de l’ensemble des participants et de nombreuses personnalités du Parlement de la Ville de Hambourg