Texte adopté, le 13 mars 2010, par le Conseil d’administration.

We, the survivors of the concentration camp of Neuengamme and its satellite camps, along with families and friends, proclaim our unbending loyalty to the Resistance and its values and to the tragic experience of the concentation camp. 

The passing years since the liberation and the death of a number of us have not diminished our convictions. Just as in the first days of our newly recovered freedom, we reaffirm our support to the program of the “National Council of the Resistance” and to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as our loyalty to the “Pledge to our Fellow Inmates”. 

We live today in a democratic and peaceful society, thanks to the actions and sacrifices of the French Resistant fighters, who  refuseds to accept the Nazi dictatorship, the collaboration of the Vichy regime, and fascism in any shape or form. They courageously engaged themselves in a fight against oppression and slavery. Led by those same values, keeping away from any partisan  ideology and in a secular spirit, without being discouraged by the difficulty and the size of the task ahead, we are determined to act in order to produce a more fraternal society, where everyone can enjoy their rights,  Freedom and  Dignity.

 We repudiate all forms of extremism and fanaticism, all that tends to enslave or degrade human beings, in particular the use of torture, contempt for others and their exclusion. We will denounce and fight against any Nazi or facist resurgence.

 We reiterate our commitment to the preservation of the sites of the Camp and its satellite camps where so many of our companions and relatives have lost their lives in unimaginable conditions as well as our wish to carry on with the pilgrimages there. Withe the help of our German friends, with whom we have developed close links, we will pursue our effort to preserve these places, as a reminder of peace and liberty.

With all the means at our disposal, we will let people know what took place in Neuengamme and its satellite camps targeting specially the Young generations whom we invite to take part in  developing this memory work and keeping  it alive.”