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The Association, in 2022, of 465 members who are divided as follows: 2,5% of deportees, 7,5% of widows, 85% of families, friends 5%.


August 5, 1945, in Paris: Assembly of the Association of Neuengamme.
Election of a provisional committee of 21 members, one of whom is under 20 years of age.
President: Marcel Prenant (Mle 34190).

September 1945: Publication of the first newspaper of the Amicale

Activities of the Association

To organise a yearly ( pèlerinage ) pilgrimage to the site of the Neuengamme, the Memorials sites and some satellites camps.

  • To organise a National Congress every 2 years, alternately with a meeting during which the General Assembly takes place.
  • To publish the quarterly journal « N’oublions Jamais »/Let us Never Forget »  (bulletin)
  • To assist working groups.
  • To publish works / reference books
  • To ensure members participation in the preparation of the National School Competition of the French Resistance and Imprisonment . (Concours national)

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